Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Are you gonna write about creepy pizza man?"

Today we woke up at the crack...3:30 AM to go to the airport in Athens. We boarded a 6:55 flight to Paris, our first flight out of three on our way home. After about three hours, and feeling like the plane was definitely crashing (ok, well maybe that was just me...but it did freak Ash out, too, so it was a pretty legit fear!), we made it to the Paris airport.

We spent about half of our life savings on a one hour taxi ride to our hotel (which is super cute!), and sat in the room resting for a bit, before deciding to head out to lunch. We decided to go to a little pizza cafe place, that looked good. The pizza was great, the service? Creepy.

Our waiter was definitely what you would call overly friendly. At first, he started out trying to teach us some French words, and looked at us kind of surprised when we accidentally ordered two humongous pizzas (oops!).  Then, he started to get progressively creepier... He commented on our eye color, rubbed my lower back, petted Ashley's head, tried to get us to kiss him (NOT happening!), asked if we would go to dinner with him, and would NEVER bring us our bill!! Finally, his coworker brought us our bill; I guess he felt sorry for us! While we waited on our change, the waiter approached us again (and keep in mind, he was definitely about 50 years old...), and told us that it was about to rain anyway, so we should just stay and enjoy a bottle of whiskey with him. We decided to brave the rain.

We finally got out of there  (!!!) and went to a small shop to buy some food for breakfast. We went back to the hotel to wait out the rain. Later, we ventured out to try to see the sunset from the eiffel tower. The rain seemed to have stopped, until we got about two blocks away! We went anyway, but decided not to go up until tomorrow night, on the off chance that it might be better weather. We did get some cool pictures, though, and then headed to McDonald's for dinner (We didn't want to chance another creepo waiter just yet). All in all our forst day was successful, and we can't wait till tomorrow, when we go to the Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel tower, and of course, do a little bit of shopping! 

We'll be home soon!!

Yes, we are still alive!

We haven't updated in a LOOONG time, but we are still alive!

We had an amazing time in Turkey and cruising around Greece with our extended family (although several of our most favorite people were missing!).

Since we missed abouuutt...two weeks of blogging, we will do a photo update, courtesy of our Uncle Steve, who took some amazing pictures of the trip! Enjoy!

They are basically in reverse order, and some of them are microscopic because I am dumb... and too lazy to fix them!