Sunday, June 14, 2009

Packfest Part 2

At least this time it's easier to pack, because there is only a limited amount of things we have to pack! But, we do have a massive amount of souvenirs! 

Today was fun, we slept in, ate breakfast and headed out to the Anne Frank Huis (House).  We knew there would be a long line, but decided sleeping in would be worth the wait in line, since we wouldn't get to sleep in much for the rest of our travels.  I mean, if you have ever traveled with Granddad Dunham, which we will in Greece and Turkey, there is no rest. And 7 am is sleeping in...So, we took advantage of the time to sleep.

The line was definitely really long, but the museum was way cool.  They actually had Anne's original diary on display! No photos were allowed of it, so I tried to take a sneaky video. Unfortunately, I only ended up filming the people around me..!

Afterwards, we finally found that tower from yesterday! It was right by Anne Frank's house all this time! So we took a lot of pictures of it to prove that we had found it! There was also a memorial outside of the tower (which was actually part of a church) for the homosexuals who were persecuted and killed during the war.  A statue commemorating Anne Frank was also in the plaza outside of the church.

Later that day, we went out to dinner. We decided to go to Wagamama's in honor of Molly Gibbs. And it was REALLY good!!  Then we wandered around Amsterdam.  The sun started to set, and this is when we started meeting some interesting people...

Oh, and apparently, Spanish guys really like us, because they kept saying "hola" to us everywhere we went.  We also met an interesting character while sitting by one of the canals who offered us a swig out of his beer can and when we declined and told him we had to go back to our hotel, he said he would be in that same spot...waiting. We told him we would be right back. I don't know how convincing we sounded. Then we met David and Malcolm.  They stopped us on the street, telling us they liked our freckles and "twin eyes."  I guess we looked nervous because they told us not to be afraid (always comforting!).  We made polite small talk, and they actually were pretty friendly, and much less creepy that the canal guy, although probably equally as drunk, carrying their packs of Heineken along the road with them.

Anyway, after meeting many new friends, we decided to head back to the hotel to pack.
And that's what we're doing now: Packfest Part 2. We leave at 10am tomorrow morning for Nairobi and then to Burundi!

-Sarah and Ash


  1. Hi Girls,

    I am a member of COF and am following your mom's and your blog.

    You guys sound like a lot of fun to hang out with, although I am probally older than your mom. Sounds like you are having a GREAT time and just wanted to let you know I look forward to reading your blog!

    I am really trying to figure out how you will blog in Africa!!

    Thank you for sharing your adventure!
    Paula Petritz

  2. They probably thought you girls were spaniards!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I'm cracking up at work tagging along with you guys on your journey.

    Have a wonderful time!

    Andrea Mikeska
    COF Member